Hospital patients “enchanted” by waiting room banter

“I felt a bit of a prick, nurse.”

Bob Price, an 82 year old former boxer, delighted the many people waiting at Dunstable Royal Infirmary outpatients department for blood tests this morning with his relentless banter.

A stalwart of many a waiting room, Mr Price greeted each new arrival with a cheery “I’ve been waiting here since 8.30am you know”, following that up with “there only seem to be two nurses on at the moment”, “they all go home at noon” and “it didn’t used to take this long at the Walsgrave”.

As the audience warmed to his performance, Mr Price pointed at a doctor, commenting “that one’s not doing anything” accompanied by a theatrical headshake and a “you just can’t get the staff”.

When his ticket was called, Mr Price thrilled both staff and patients alike with his Tony Hancock routine, delivering the best line “I don’t mind giving a reasonable amount, but a pint! That’s very nearly an armful!” in a knowingly loud voice.

Mr Price’s performance was so well received that he was applauded as security led him out of the building. He will next be appearing at the Waterside surgery in 3 working days’ time for an unscheduled colonoscopy.

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