Young couple celebrate getting on printer ink cartridge ladder

hp-cartridgeA young couple from Harold are ecstatic to have purchased their first printer ink cartridge before they turned 30.

“It’s a dream come true to finally hold the HP 364 cartridge in our hands” beamed Nick Stalling. “We’ll be paying it off for 40 years of course, but we now have a printer ink cartridge we can call our own. I only wish gran and grandad were still alive. They had their own typewriter and ribbon so this would’ve meant a lot to them.”

Emma Stalling also had the warm glow of a first time printer ink cartridge owner. “It wasn’t easy – I knew the cartridges cost an arm and a leg, but I was I bit shocked when they asked for a kidney too. But luckily we had help from my parents. Thanks for the kidney dad, and rest in peace!”

Mr Stalling said other young couples could achieve the dream of printer ink cartridge ownership if they were realistic and disciplined enough. “Too many of my contemporaries want it all, and want it right now. They have their 2 quid coffees, their overseas holidays, and then bitch and moan about how unaffordable a HP 950XL cartridge is instead of looking at a more basic cartridge.”

The Stallings ended the interview with the Evening Harold excitedly looking forward to their printer ink cartridge warming party with family and friends, but unfortunately for the proud young couple that had to be cancelled after printing out 50 full colour invitations completely drained the cartridges.

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