Police appeal for information in search for thousands of missing Man United fans


Have you seen these people? They may no longer be wearing the wigs. And definitely won’t be smiling.

Metropolitan Police have issued a public appeal for information as they search for thousands of Manchester United fans who appear to have gone missing since Sunday afternoon.

The appeal comes after vast numbers of fans described as “generally sociable and outspoken” abruptly stopped replying to any form of contact from around 4.01pm yesterday.

“Some people may think that it is a little early to be treating these as missing persons cases, but anything that seems out of character is better investigated sooner rather than later, and United fans being this quiet is definitely out of character.” explained PC Simon Thompson,

“We have traced a lot of their movements through social media, with a common theme of hailing Jose Mourinho as a tactical genius late last Monday, declaring Pogba the greatest player in the world on Thursday night, then announcing where they would be watching the Chelsea game and posting score predictions right up until four o’clock Sunday.”

“Thirty seconds later they appear to have simply started vanishing en masse. I would urge anybody who has any information about their whereabouts to contact us immediately, as we have some hilarious memes we want to show them.”

A number of the fans have since turned up safe and sound, announcing that they didn’t see any football over the weekend and “don’t follow it as closely as they used to”.

The search for the rest continues, in what is believed to be the biggest missing persons case seen in the UK since thousands of Liverpool supporters suddenly vanished from public view in April 2014.

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