Killer clown arrested after getaway car falls to pieces


Remember they’re more scared of you than you are of them. Just trap them using a glass and a piece of cardboard and release them in the garden

A man dressed as a “killer clown” has been arrested by police after a brief chase that ended when his getaway car fell to pieces.

Officers were called to reports of the man terrorising children in Luton and gave chase, initially on foot, before the “clown” climbed into a small car, sounded a novelty horn, and sped away.

“We were going to get back in our car and continue the pursuit but heard a loud bang come from the getaway car.” said PC Black, the arresting officer.

“When we looked back around the car was stationary and the wheels had fallen off. The doors then also fell off, and when we made the arrest the man was sitting on the floor holding onto a steering wheel that was no longer attached to anything, looking sad.”

The offender is now set to be charged with threatening behaviour and breach of the peace.

Eighteen other clowns who were discovered in the car have been released without charge.

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