Local boy missing for three years “was playing hide & seek”


biscuit crumbs on the floor every morning were a clue

A ten-year old Harold boy, described by Police as being ‘unusually focused and competitive’, had been living in his toy cupboard for three years, after going missing on a particularly wet Bank Holiday weekend.

Giles Baker was found shortly after his parents moved home. The new occupants, disturbed by the disappearance of Müller Corners and Dairylea cheese slices from the fridge, considered calling in a priest but eventually left a trail of Snack Size Mars bars and trapped “an earnest looking boy” in the conservatory.

Mr and Mrs Baker had mixed feelings when they heard the news. On the one hand, they are no longer Police suspects. On the other, they’ve recently downsized to a two bedroom home and are worried that their younger son, two-year old Giles, might find it difficult sharing a bedroom.

“Looking back, it’s easy to see the clues.” said the Giles’ mother. “We were still buying the same amount of food, other than vegetables, and his clothes kept re-appearing in the laundry basket each Friday, with lots of split seams.”

“And then there were the biscuit crumbs, outside his toy cupboard every morning. I feel such a fool now.”

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