Hipster aiming for Harold sweet spot


Junkies lured in by innocuous photos of ‘works’ can be addicted in minutes

Inspired by East London’s Cereal Killer Café, Harold’s resident Hipster Simon Delaney has set up the worlds first Haribo Bar.

Sporting a top knot, twirly tache and dressed like a tramp, Simon’s pop up shop can be found in Harold’s ‘East End’ of the high street, between the Methodist Church and the Library.

Stocking all your favourite flavours, Simon’s also sourced some of the funny foreign ones from Poundland.

Starting at £1.50 for a fistful, Simon will mix you a cocktail such as the ‘Sugar Mainline’ or the ‘Widow Maker’.

There has been some concern expressed by health professionals. “These sweets are extremely moreish, like heroin, but more so” GP Dr Evans told us between mouthfuls of Pinballs before retiring to his office to see off the inevitable sugar slump.

Other local businesses are hoping to benefit from Simon’s success, with the pharmacist opposite offering half price home diabetes tests.

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