Jeremy Corbyn accidentally resigns from shadow cabinet too


It’s a worry

In a move of either political genius or heartbreaking stupidity, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has sensationally resigned from his own shadow cabinet along with everyone else.

Giving the reason for his resignation as “the staggering incompetence of the leadership around here”, Corbyn seems to finally have struck a chord with Labour voters, seeing his approval rating leap.

“The people in charge of this party have to realise that their performance just hasn’t been good enough,” he explained to a bemused interviewer this morning.

“During the referendum campaign I was completely invisible, lacklustre and unconvincing,” he thundered. “And it’s about time I stood up and told me I’m not taking any more of myself.”

Although yet to officially throw his hat in the ring, Corbyn has not ruled out standing as Labour party leader, should the wave of resignations lead to a leadership challenge.

“What the people of this country want is change, and continuity. By replacing myself, I can give them that, like no-one else.”

“If that doesn’t work, there’s always the England manager job.”

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