Woman amazed when her meme brings about world peace


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A local woman has spoken of her shock as the inspiration meme she posted on Facebook has been shared hundreds of millions of times and brought an end to all conflict and suffering.

“The news was seriously depressing me,” Julie Kettle told us. “I wanted to stand up and be counted and really make a difference. What better way is there to do that then stay in your PJs posting memes on social media?”

“When it caught on and everyone across the world decided to be nice to each other indefinitely I was so surprised,” she said. “At first I didn’t believe that because of my meme humanity was going to be loving and positive forever but then I saw that Daily Mail website is now simply a lovely picture of a meadow and that the main item on the news was a short clip of a wombat eating a carrot and I knew that everything, everywhere was alright.”

Meanwhile Donald Trump, Hollywood, and ninety per cent of the world’s video game developers are calling for Julie’s meme to be erased from the internet and our minds while Theresa May remains “cautiously disapproving”.

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