Cameron and Johnson both wrong about terror threat, say ISIS


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Islamic State have hit back in the row between David Cameron and Boris Johnson over the terror threat level. Cameron says leaving the EU will make the UK more vulnerable; Johnson says the opposite.

“Praise the Lord, Brexit or not to Brexit makes no f*cking difference,” said ISIS in a Tweet translated by Google.

“Our ideology and religious fervour are completely at odds with yours in ways so utterly fundamental, it really makes no difference to us whether you stay in the EU or leave. Whichever you choose, we will always hate you and try to kill you. You know, similar to how you feel about us.”

Islamic State admit they have become irritated by the UK trying to drag the whole world into their ‘stupid little referendum’. “They had crazy cat Obama telling them to stay, a housewife from Peru saying they should leave and a Welsh lamb importer in New Zealand who was ‘concerned’. What business is it of theirs? None. It’s just the UK doing a global Me, Me, Me.”

The message ended with a chilling warning. “If there’s one thing guaranteed to increase the terror threat, it’s two overgrown schoolboys using Islamic State as a political football. So pack it in.”

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