Cthulhu declares support for Brexit


Still a less weird Brexit supporter than Farage

Monstrous entity whose existence is beyond mortal comprehension and keen Hollyoaks fan, Cthulhu, has declared its support for the UK leaving the European Union.

“I think it will be easier to rise from the stone city of R’lyeh and usher in an era of madness that will destroy humans’ minds along with civilisation itself when the UK is unable to so easily sign European players to the Premiership and the cost of flights has increased slightly,” it said.

Though it made it clear that it would not be changing its mind Cthulhu did say that there was one aspect of being a Brexit supporter that it did not like.
“You seen who’s leading the Vote Out campaigns? Gove, Farage, Johnson, Duncan Smith, and Galloway. I really am loathe to be connected to such freaks.”

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