Kanye West deadly serious

He's not joking

He’s not joking

Rap star Kanye West actually believes the things he says and is not on a massive wind up, according to sources close to the bell-end.

The part-time Hip Hop artist, part-time fashion designer, full-time egotist has been lamenting the fact that he simply does not have enough money to change the world in all the ways that he could, and apparently he’s serious.

“I know I can make the world a better place… I have done the impossible… I retook the throne of rap… I beat the fashion game” said West, whose latest philanthropic act was to release a line of clothing much like other clothes, but with the word ‘Yeezy’ added to them and the price quadrupled.

The star went on to implore his fans to get Mark Zuckerberg to get in touch so that he could beg him for one billion dollars to invest in his ideas for advancement of the human race, which may include more big trainers and shit music.

“It has long been assumed that West is essentially trolling the entire world to see how long he can get away with it.” explained Showbiz reporter Sophie Ellison,

“But if he genuinely believes all of the things he says then I guess he’s just a moron.”

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