PM says domestic violence victims ‘should man up’


Calm down dear. Then make me a cup of tea, there’s a good girl

David Cameron has shrugged off a Court of Appeal ruling that the so-called bedroom tax discriminates against so-called domestic violence victims.

The ruling followed legal challenges by a woman with a panic room in her home, but the DWP had argued that she ought to ‘stand up for herself and grow a pair’, adding  that they might issue loans for abused women to learn martial arts and improve their employability.

A goverment spokesman said Mr Cameron fundamentally disagreed with the court’s ruling, believing there is no reason why the public should have to pay for a panic-room subsidy.

Downing Street later issued a short statement: “We’ve already had permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. There will be people who need extra support and we’ll do our very best to stop them getting it. We hope that clears up any doubt. Happy New Year.”

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