New Monopoly piece launched with Rey using the iron

monopolyreyFollowing criticism of their decision to not include the female Rey character as one of the playable pieces in “Star Wars Monopoly”, the manufacturers have announced that the game will now come with Rey busily using the traditional “iron” piece.

“We recognise how bad it looked to leave out the main girl character,” admitted a spokesman from Hasbro, the makers of Monopoly. “We heard your criticisms, and we’ve moved swiftly to make things better, by introducing a new Rey piece, engaged in the womanly pursuit of ironing.”

“None of the other old pieces worked – we didn’t think she’d much fancy driving a car, let alone a ship, and the top hat was obviously out. But with the iron, we think we’ve found something that will both delight and be familiar to our girly customers everywhere.”

However genuine Hasbro’s desire to make things right, reaction in the media has been less than enthusiastic.

“Hasbro have again insulted women everywhere,” argued an editorial in the Daily Mail. “To suggest that the Rey character – a rebel fighter and force user – would be simply doing the ironing while the men take the lead is frankly demeaning.”

“Being a successful young woman, Rey would clearly have an older, poorer woman to come in and do her ironing for her. Until businesses get such basic things right, there’s not much hope for feminism.”

Hasbro expressed confusion that their gesture had been poorly-received. “Blimey,” said the spokesman. “I thought it was Monopoly, not Angry Birds!”

“Do you see what I did there? Angry Birds! Eh?”

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