“Should UKIP’s leader be a UKIP MP?” asks UKIP’s MP


invited onto every single, bloody politics programme

UKIP’s MP Douglas Carswell says it’s time his party had a fresh face as leader.

“I’ve no-one particularly in mind” said Mr Carswell “but wouldn’t it be sensible for it to be one of our MPs? Someone who commands the confidence of the whole parliamentary party and gives an optimistic message for the future?”

Party leader Nigel Farage says he is unperturbed by implied criticism of his leadership style and that anyone who would rat-out their party and defect to a one-song choir like UKIP need not be taken too seriously.

Farage will not be sacking Carswell though; reasoning he might no longer be invited onto every single, bloody TV and  Radio politics programme as now, despite having only 0.153846153846% of the total number of the UK’s MPs.

News of the disquiet at UKIP has raised interest in unexpected places. Fresh from sacking Jose Mourinho, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich thinks Farage might be a good fit for his struggling premiership side. “He takes the credit when winning, blames someone else when losing and is very experienced in managing a bunch of racists.”

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