Rise of LSD could make prog rock popular again, warns expert

yes album

No. No. No.

An expert who personally survived a ‘Yes’ album has warned that LSD is a ‘gateway’ to progressive rock.

With reports that the drug has come back into fashion, Dr Bob Wyatt described how this could lead to an interest in albums on which considerably more time has been spent on the cover art than on the actual music.

“To someone who has taken acid, all those dragons and unicorns can seem pretty appealling”, warned Wyatt. “But before you put that record on, it’s important to remember you’re on drugs.”

“You’d be better off leaving it a few days, and perhaps listening to some Justin Beiber. Because if you don’t, you might end up trapped in a 20 minute flute solo.”

Wyatt described how prog rock can alter people’s perception, and make them think their friends are interested in their long, rambling stories about hobbits.

“Don’t be fooled; they’re just being polite. No-one wants to dabble in that shit during a dinner party. And you might want to take off that Gentle Giant shirt. While you’re on prog, you’ve no idea how ridiculous you look.”

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