How to have hair like Kate Middleton

Kate's hair stylishly located on her head

Kate’s hair stylishly located on her head

Kate Middleton has hair, and you can too!

Kate’s hair is, in the classical tradition, stylishly located on her head.

The secret to having hair like Kate is to make sure you have hair on your head too. Simply look in a mirror at eye level, look up a bit, and if you see hair, you are in luck!

Don’t have a mirror? No problem! Put your finger between your eyes, raise it up a few inches, and if you feel something stringy, you have hair like Kate! If you feel something stringy, and then something scalpy, you have hair like William, ha, ha, ha!

Note, if you accidently moved your finger across, rather than up, you might feel something stringy – these are called ‘eyebrows’. Kate has eyebrows too, so they are absolutely fine! But if you moved your finger down a few inches and felt something stringy, you have a ‘moustache’ and you need to live in a cave for the rest of your life, you ugly troll.

To really nail that Kate ‘hair’ look, you need to brush your hair. Simply buy a brush, place it on top of your head, and swish it around a bit. Or do what Kate does and get a servant to do it!

Next week: how to have internal organs like Kate Middleton

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