UK men in Syria drone death ‘were actually on EasyJet trip to Prague’


A coach transfer to your hotel may be necessary

EasyJet has apologised after it emerged that the supposed UK militants killed by a drone attack  in Syria this week were merely on a stag do in the Czech Republic, and had just landed at the airline’s ‘South Prague’ airport, which happens to be near the Syrian/Lebanese border.

The rolling, once-fertile Hawran Plateau south of Damascus might seem a strange choice for those heading to Eastern Europe, but the airline was adamant that customers are well aware that some of the airports on its routes involve a coach transfer to their final destination.

“In this case, to reach downtown Prague from our airport of choice would involve a simple taxi or coach trip, followed by an arduous journey being smuggled into Europe by ruthless people smugglers,” explained an EasyJet spokesperson this morning.

“Yes, there is a certain amount of inconvenience and no little loss of life, but our passengers recognise that the cheapest fares involve a certain amount of inconvenience and death. In this case, our fares to the compact desert airport of South Prague could be as low as ten pounds in off-peak, which is pretty much all the time, frankly.”

“Being mistaken for an Islamic State militant and dying in reprisal attacks is nothing new for our seasoned EasyJet regulars, who have for years been flying to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef via our ‘West Brisbane’ airport located in the Iraqi desert near Basra.”

Fans of the budget airline were quick to claim that EasyJet’s sometimes remote destinations were not always a drawback. Many pointed out that Christopher Columbus famously discovered America by accident while travelling with EasyJet to ‘West Delhi’.

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