Mumsnet users advised to change password from “sotired”


Mums can’t imagine how they filled their time before Mumsnet.

Following an attack by hackers, Mumsnet is advising all 12 million of its users to change their password from “sotired” to something less obvious.

“Busy mums barely have time to sneer at the parenting skills of others”, said site owner Justine Roberts, “let alone think of an original password.”

“Besides, after the hassle of choosing a name for their child that neither their husband or parents laughed at, most of our members just bang in the first thing that pops into their head.”

Roberts suggested choosing a word or phrase that would throw off would-be hackers.

“You need to let your imagination run riot”, she suggested. “Go for something beyond your wildest dreams. ‘hubbydoesthenappies’ or ‘notcoveredinsick’ are two good examples.”

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