Most young people will never be able to afford a tub of cinema popcorn

Just a dream for most young people

Just a dream for most young people

Soaring prices now make it practically impossible for young people to get on the cinema popcorn ladder, say economists.

A Dunstable University study says cinema popcorn is now so expensive, the only young people who can afford a tub are those whose parents help with the deposit, or those who live near unfashionable rundown cinemas.

“It is a ticking time bomb – young people know baby boomers owned their first tub of cinema popcorn in their late teens. They see the older generation having 3 or 4 tubs of popcorn each time they go the movies, when all they can hope for is crumbs. They see the super-sized drinks, the ostentatious purchase of chocolate buttons” said Professor Brian Rodgers.

“It’s no wonder everyone is flocking to Jeremy Corbyn and his tantalising message of free cinema popcorn for all.”

Harold couple Melanie Delaney and Paul Evans say they have given up on their dream of cinema popcorn ownership, and have resigned themselves to a lifetime of renting.

“We get a tub of popcorn and sit through the movie smelling the distinctive buttery smell and then hand back the full tub at the end. Even that is pricey, some weeks we can only afford to rent a Mars bar” said Ms Delaney.

Harold councillor Ron Ronsson conceded cinema popcorn prices are expensive, but said young people today wanted it all, and wanted it all now.

“It’s all about priorities, if young people really want cinema popcorn they need to make sacrifices, no latest model iPhone, no overseas holidays. And they should stop wasting money on frivolities – such as saving up to buy a house.”

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