Elderly Swiss chook denies responsibility for bad eggs

blatterAn elderly Swiss chook, Pegg Splatter, says a clutch of bad eggs has nothing to do with her, and she has absolutely no idea how they came to be found under her bottom.

American and Swiss poultry inspectors raided the Zurich henhouse looking for corrupted eggs, and their suspicions were aroused when Splatter shifted nervously on a bed of shredded brown envelopes and dollar bills.

When the investigators triumphantly held up the corrupted clutch in the air, Pegg Splatter explained she had been having a little trouble sitting down properly but assumed it was a touch of piles. She castigated the investigators for jumping to the conclusion that just because she was a chicken, the bad eggs came from her.

“The eggs might have been laid by the cat or the dog” said Splatter. “That’s assuming they are eggs, they could just as easily be little footballs.”

“It’s really hard to tell what else is down there when you’re sitting on a huge nest egg.”

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