Selma Police celebrate 1965 march by shooting President Obama


It’s hard to tell, Chief. In black and white they don’t all look the same

After dozens of people including the President were shot, Selma’s Police Chief, Pete Garbut, explained his tough stance on this weekend’s civil rights march re-enactment.

“Give an inch and they’ll take a mile. You’re too young to remember this, but black protesters have marched across this bridge once before and last time it all ended in tears … yes OK, that may have been the riot gas.”

Garbut defended his decision to shoot Mr Obama “A black President, are you sure? All I know is, thousands of people were approaching the bridge with a tall ni … black guy in front, looking like he ran the place. We had to take him down and fast. Police were criticised for beating protesters in 1965, so this time we shot them.”

A long-time NRA supporter, Chief Garbut believes that, by using guns, Police can cut down on beatings they hand out “.. apart from pistol whippings haha! Anyway, as everybody knows, guns don’t kill people. But the Police are shit hot at it.”

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