World finally gives up and starts debating the colour of a dress

The world has officially thrown in the towel today with the threat of terrorism, corrupt politicians and a dodgy banking sector and decided to just concentrate on the colour of a dress.

Social media, which has been traditionally been a healthy mix of cats and memes with debate on the biggest issues facing us, pulled the plug on giving a shit any more as more and more users put their opinion on the precise shades used in a dress.

One Facebook comment on the viral thread said: “ISIS are horrible but what ya gonna do? But I can’t sleep till we have a definitive answer. Is it white and gold, or green and violet. I just don’t know”.

Prime minister David Cameron has said the whole ‘what colour is the dress’ saga is pathetic. “It is important people get past these trivial issues and start concentrating on the important things in life again, even if it is a Friday.

“That’s why I have asked the speaker to clear parliament’s schedule today so we can debate it properly”

Eastenders have said if no answer has been found by the end of the week, they shall make it a storyline building up to a big reveal during a live show in three years time.

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