Mummified monk not dead, just playing Xbox

imageA mummified monk found in Mongolia is not dead, according to experts, he is just playing on his Xbox.

Senior Buddhists claim the monk is in a deep meditative trance, however gamers think he may just be stuck on a mission on Call Of Duty: Black Ops.

Scientists have struggled to explain how the monk has been so well preserved, but experts in the gaming world say it is probably achieved through a diet of Coca-Cola and Wotsits.

Although they agree they have seen friends playing Grand Theft Auto showing less signs of life, even those in the gaming community aren’t in agreement about what the monk is doing

“It may look like the monk is stuck in a deep contemplative state of unconsciousness but it is much easier to explain than that” one gaming expert said.

“The broadband speeds in Mongolia are not much faster than dial-up. He is just waiting to connect to Xbox Live.”

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