Pub gets Prince Charles’ winter fuel allowance

charlesA pub has been sent a winter fuel allowance, which was intended for the heir to the throne.

The Prince of Wales hostelry received a cheque made out to ‘HRH Prince Charles’, to cover his not inconsiderate energy bills.

“I guess he’s got a lot of homes to keep warm, and architects don’t just burn themselves”, said landlord Michael Scapegoat. “And then there’s all those badgers to gas.”

Scapegoat tweeted the error but immediately regretted doing so. Special forces were mobilised to retrieve the wayward payment.

Diners were shocked by what followed. “I had this deep sense of dread as twenty coldstream guards in bearskins burst in, demanding the waiter gave them the cheque”, said Pippa Delaney.

“For a moment, I thought we’d accidentally gone for a meal at a Beefeater.”

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