Nick Clegg caught ‘playing grown-ups’ during cabinet meetings

IMG_0693.JPG After a Tory MP was pictured playing Candy Crush during a commons committee hearing, Nick Clegg has been caught out playing the childish game of ‘grown-ups’ during important cabinet meetings.

The Lib Dem leader has regularly been seen picking out a suit from the Number 10 dressing up box and trying to join in big person conversations, although the response from the other members of the coalition has often been frosty at best.

“It was quite cute at first,” fellow Lib Dem cabinet member Danny Alexander explained, “but he soon gets over excited and has to be put in time out until he calms down. That’s why he was missing from the commons recently. Bercow had put him on the naughty step.

“Sometimes we play along but the game gets out of hand and he starts announcing policies like £9,000 tuition fees, free school meals costed on a Fisher Price calculator and the most ridiculous one yet, his promise to stay on and fight the next election.”

Nick Clegg has denied playing grown-ups especially during the meeting about the autumn statement.

“It had nothing to do with me,” he said when asked to defend the coalition’s fiscal plan he ‘co-authored’. “I was a fireman at the time.”

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