Group behind world’s largest child abuse cover up vote not to welcome gays on ‘moral grounds’

The organisation behind the world’s largest child abuse cover up, the Catholic Church, has voted not to welcome gay and lesbian people into the church on ‘moral grounds’.

An ex­-priest and current occupier of cell 565, G Wing, told us he is broadly behind the more conservative bishops’ stance.

“I believe homosexuality is prohibited in the bible and therefore morally reprehensible because God said so,” the convicted paedophile said.

“Covering up crimes against young boys is one thing but allowing people who happen to love consenting adults of the same sex to be part of the Church, well, where would it stop? Equality for women? Safety for children?

“But it’s not just them,” he continued in a bid to sound less homophobic, “I will never accept people who have fallen out of love and split up so they can carry on with their lives, and maybe find happiness. If there is one thing we must preserve it is God’s wish that millions of people live a lie and remain deeply unhappy.”

To his credit, it was the head of the Church who tried to bring forward the change in attitudes.

It was the Pope who tried to get recognition in the church for the divorced and homosexuals, but failed to convince two thirds of the voting Bishops to move out of the 16th century.

The synod also held other votes relating to issues around who it does and does not welcome into the Church.

In one vote, 92% of the bishops also refused to recognise the irony of Stephen Fry not being welcomed on moral grounds by the organization that gave Jimmy Savile a papal knighthood.

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