Raheem Sterling calls for ‘nap time’ to be introduced to football matches

Bless him, he's tired

Bless him, he’s tired

Raheem Sterling has suggested that the introduction of designated ‘nap breaks’ into football matches would help prevent a repeat of the fatigue that saw him left out of the England starting line-up at the weekend.

The Liverpool winger has claimed that the issue of young players being a bit sleepy is one that is not widely acknowledged within the game, calling for greater understanding, and maybe a thirty minute break to be introduced into each half of a match for them to have a little sleep. 

Many have dismissed this request, claiming that professional athletes should be able to run about a bit for a couple of hours every day, but Brendan Rodgers, Sterling’s club manager, supports his player.

“We are finally seeing the treatment of head injuries and concussion given the attention that it deserves, but what about young players who need a nap? This is the next big issue that needs addressing.” explained Rodgers in a hushed voice, while several members of his youth team squad slept nearby.

“People hear about the big salaries and forget that these young players are normal kids, with the same problems as other teenagers. If Raheem wasn’t a footballer and was working in McDonalds instead, and he turned up for a shift feeling a bit sleepy would they let him only work half of that shift? Of course they would. They’d give him a happy meal and send him for a nap. So why should football be any different?”

“We should also be tackling the issue of teenage players getting bored, maybe letting them keep their mobile on them during matches so that they can get on facebook. Or installing a PS4 at the side of the pitch.”

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