Nation divided over who is disliked more as John Humphrys interviews Johny Rotten

This isn't going to gowell

“Don’t be a pr*ck all your life John”

Radio 4 listeners were left confused this morning about who they disliked more, after BBC’s chief-hectorer John Humphrys interviewed famously loud-mouthed former Sex Pistols ‘singer’ John Lydon (aka Johny Rotten).

St Mary’s Teaching assistant Carly Jeffery spoke for many in Harold today.

“I try to listen to the ‘Today’ programme, especially if John Humphrys is on. His wonderfully sneering voice gets me proper fired up for the school day. When I heard that oaf John Lydon was going to be on, I knew it’d be lively and phoned in sick so I wouldn’t miss it. You won’t print any of this stuff will you?”

As anticipated, the interview was heavily edited before transmission but the Evening Harold has seen a small section of the transcript.

Humphrys: “Johny Rotten, how does it feel to be a complete f***ing sell-out?”

Lydon: “Steady on there John, I think you’re mistaken. I’ve always been my own man so there’s never been anyone to sell-out.”

Humphrys: “But you’ve done an advertising campaign for butter, you little s**t.”

Lydon: “Indeed I have John, but butter is a product I use daily. It’s both natural and wholesome provided it’s used in moderation. As with so many other things in life …”

Humphrys: “Are you taking the p**s? Because if you are I’ll drag you into the car park, tear off your f***ing ears and stuff them up your a***hole, where you’ll no doubt hear the first Public Image Album.”

Lydon: “Oh John, you are a silly sausage.”

Humphrys: “Right. Don’t say you weren’t warned you little f***er. Back to James Naughtie in the studio.”

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