Any more Ice Bucket Challenges may lead to first winter hosepipe ban.

As the Ice Bucket Challenge spreads around the internet quicker than racism spreads through Jeremy Clarkson’s blood stream, Thames Water are warning customers that if people continue to throw any more of the perfectly good, fresh, yet finite resource over their heads, the UK may see its first ever winter time hosepipe ban.

“We appreciate it is for a good cause,” a spokesperson for the utility company explained, “and not many people know more about raising millions of pounds just to waste water than us.

“However, at the rate people are going, we estimate we’ll could run out by the middle of September, especially as we have no more Bank Holidays to guarantee rainfall.”

Should the situation get that bad it would lead to the first winter hosepipe ban, as well as a ban on baths and throwing water over your head.

Sally Bishop, an expert in charity based resource shortages said she believed this could be the worst case of a well-meant charitable cause causing a supply crisis since the great Baked Bean drought of 1987.

“Then it was ‘crazy’ people needlessly wasting food in bathtubs to raise money for comic relief. It took three years for supplies to return to normal and Heinz imposing a limit of only 2 tins per person.”

But despite the warnings, it seems the trend for throwing a much needed natural resource over your head for a good cause has caught on all over the world.

After nominating the head of BP, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, and George Bush, Vladimir Putin tipped a bucket of crude oil over his head to raise money for his own annexing charity, The Soviet Reunion.

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