UKIP ‘trying really really hard not to look racist, honestly’


Oops – what a give away!

Following yet another unpleasant incident, UKIP leader Nigel Farage insisted today that UKIP is “trying really really hard to not look racist”, and people should be applauding the huge efforts the party is making in this area.

“People act as if not being racist is easy”, he complained to a party meeting of nice white people this morning. “Well, it’s not. How many of us can get through a morning without slagging off black or Asian people? I know I can’t.”

“It’s so unfair,” he continued, a dribble of spittle hanging from the gathering foam at his lips. “Many of us in UKIP hardly show we’re racist ever, and then there’s one incident like this where it slips out, and suddenly we’re the bad guys.”

Janice Atkinson, UKIP MEP for the south east, was recorded by a BBC team calling Thai consituent Fa Munday “A ting tong from somewhere” after an interview in Ramsgate.

Ms Atkinson has issued an apology, saying  “I deeply regret being overheard using these words, and I’m incredibly sorry that I’ve got into trouble.”

“In no way, shape or form would I want anyone to know I’m racist, and I will be doing my best to make certain that I never give it away again.”

Ms Munday’s husband, who is himself a UKIP member, spoke of his shock that his MEP had not been able to hide her racism better. “On the streets you’ve got ordinary people like me who manage to pretend not to be racist every day. Some of us even go as far as marrying the pretty ones – you can’t hide it better than that. And then people high up in the party cock it up. Why can’t they play the white man? Oops. ”


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  1. In that respect, UKIP are no different to any of the other parties.
    All of them try to avoid looking racist….