NRA ‘confused’ by Pistorius ‘no mental issues’ decision

The National Rifle Association have said they are “upset and confused” by the verdict in the Oscar Pistorius trial that says he has “no mental illness”, so shot at his then girlfriend through his own free will.

“As we keep reminding you after every high-profile shooting, only those with serious underlying mental disorders use guns to shoot at other people,” an NRA spokesperson said.

“Them and the police. That means the assessment of Mr Pistorius must be incorrect. Normal people only keep shotguns, pistols, and semi-automatic assault riffles to shoot Coke cans off of walls.

“We would like to reiterate, however, if Reeva had a taken a gun to the toilet to shoot Coke cans off the wall, or the toilet roll holder had been armed, none of this would have happened”

The trial of the Olympian has been held up for a number of weeks to see if anxiety issues caused him to fire him gun a number of times at someone who didn’t exist.

“If he really had no mental health issues that caused him to fire at an innocent unarmed women, could we get him tested to see if he is Muslim?” The spokesperson for the right-wing lobby group continued. “It’s the only other logical answer.”

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