Woman blames government for not noticing her neighbour died years ago


Neighbour also left a lot of clutter laying about.

A woman in Harold has slammed the government for creating the sort of uncaring society where a neighbour could lay dead for several years without being noticed.

Doris Kettle was clearly irritated by the disruption caused by fumigators and a team of police forensic scientists.

“It’s been nothing but trouble living here. Shortly after we arrived there was a weird bumping and clattering sound; then our Fred said he kept hearing a moaning, ghostly voice saying “I’ve had a fall and broken my leg, whoooohooo please call an ambulance …whooohooo.

“This went on for some days and we were just about to contact the local priest but eventually it died away on its own, no thanks to the Tories.

“Then we had that dreadful smell and shortly afterwards a non-stop stream of chubby rats waddling across our back garden; they were so fat they could only just squeeze through the gap in the fence. We’d watch them clambering up the drainpipe of next door’s and in through the kitchen window that’s been half open since we moved in. And all the time, Cameron did nothing about it.

“We were on the point of voting Labour but the rats moved along after a couple of weeks. We did have to complain to the council about the state of her lawn, but on the plus side she kept herself to herself.”

Doris is looking forward to someone else moving in. “The last one had the TV on all day. And night-time too. The selfish woman had no thought for the neighbours.”

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