Rare iPhone without cracked screen discovered

A preview of the iPhone 6

A preview of the iPhone 6

An extremely rare example of an iPhone without a cracked screen has been discovered in Dunstable. It was previously believed that every iPhone that had ever been taken out of the box and used had subsequently been broken, but this find finally disproves that theory.

It is especially significant for Simon James, an iPhone enthusiast who made the discovery. He has been searching for the mythical ‘unbroken used iPhone’ since the iPhone 3G was released back in 2008.

“People thought that I was crazy when I said that I truly believed that there was an intact iPhone screen out there somewhere. They said ‘yeah, in a shop on display maybe!’, then laughed at me.” said James, “But I was convinced that, one day, I would find one that had been taken out of the box and used without being broken.”

Such is the popularity of the broken iPhone screen that Apple are rumoured to be considering adding the distinctive ‘spider web’ pattern to the screen of the iPhone 6 at the production stage. This new design would render 70% of the screen area effectively useless, and save buyers the effort of smashing it themselves.

“One of the first things that fans of the iPhone do after purchasing the latest model is smash the screen. Right after they have had a quick play with the new features, updated their Facebook status to say they have the new model, and been a bit smug at their friends. I actually broke the screen on my iPhone 5S before I even got it out of the shop” explained James proudly,

“I took it out of the box, had a go at getting the fingerprint thing to work and then put it in my pocket. On the way out of the shop I clipped the door handle with it and shattered the screen.”

“With the iPhone 6 I’m going to queue overnight to be one of the first to own it. I hope it does come with a pre-broken screen but if it doesn’t I might just throw the box on the floor and stamp on it as soon as I get my hands on it.”

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