Joey Barton apologises: “Sorry to any bird offended by my sexism”.

Defending his misogynistic comments on last night’s Question Time, Joey Barton has said although he regrets his off-the-cuff sexism, it can be hard to form a coherent argument under pressure.

“I often make gaffs when forming opinions on things I don’t really understand. Choosing an opinion is like choosing a cell mate, pick the wrong one and you’re buggered. I’ve done it again haven’t I?

The QPR footballer, also known for sharing words of wisdom from Nietzsche, fortune cookies, Christmas crackers, and graffiti on park benches on twitter, made comparisons between voting Ukip and choosing ‘between ugly women’.

The only convicted criminal on the panel made the comments whilst taking the moral high ground in a discussion on Ukip.

“Voting for the horrible, nasty people in Ukip is like punching a stranger 20 times in the head. You know you shouldn’t do it but you secretly feel better when you do. Then you have to pretend to be sorry afterwards. Hold on, can you forget that bit?

“Anyway, I apologise for any offence caused and clarify I was only joking. I don’t pick up ugly birds. What?”

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