Jeremy Paxman to leave Newsnight after Panorama reveal years of abuse


Following on from an undercover Panorama reporter into the mistreatment of the elderly, Jeremy Paxman has admitted he can’t take it anymore and announced he is to leave Newsnight.

Disturbing scenes showed members of the Newsnight production team shouting at him and often reducing him to tears.

In one instance a junior researcher can be seen giving him a slap for complaining his latte was too sweet.

Mr Paxman – who is known to have memory issues since being recorded asking Michael Howard the same question 300 times – has said he will leave the show as soon as possible, probably after his bag is next changed

“I’m not sure what the future holds for me,” he told us. “I’ll probably spend the next six months relaxing before beginning the task of interrogating British Gas customer services to find out how my tariff works.”

The BBC will now start the hunt for a new presenter for the late night news show.

An insider told us they are likely to go for a presenter with a completely opposite style. An early front runner is Harold’s resident cute cat, Mister Super Paws.

“He would be less confrontational, unbiased and less likely to damage the furniture” a BBC spokesman revealed.

“Although he doesn’t fancy Russell Brand so may claw his eyes out if he is on again. We’re struggling to see the downside.”


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