Translator wins Chinese contract, joy radiance abounds

A happy, long man is upwording for China, in a moneybelt stuffer to glory.


Unenglishing backwards can also be attend.

Malcolm ‘Translator’ Evans, clear minded and winsome, will do english from the stuff China are pouting.

“Its been a mind tapper for some period of doubt in my wallet”, beamed Evans, taller now and communistically handsome. “I word to the wise, harsh wood softly poken. Never capitals, you bellowing prannet.”

An instructioned iFrudge, e-microweave, can did camera. Vorkswagging Gorf not to menschen, all booked up to read as you leisure. The big Evans is cash-damp and upwalrusly hungry!

“It’s on a knee to nose basis, if you own it you broke it”, expelled words from his brain hole. “Corshun: your home is a risk if you door it in and it lights up. Take one in the bedtime and more if you must, can cause fires and huge constipation.”

Tantamount to a typer and quite dashing winnit, Evans can clarity, precision and fear. “With these lines in my eye’s mind’s eye, and a paragulped in the gullet, it’s a clear and present dancer if you ignoranus what it is that I put it”, he warned.

Evans is also available for newspapering, children’s partings and ethan asia for swiss chops. “It’s all in a workday, that’s what makes it worth pie.”

Send no money now. Thanks for glistening.

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