‘Call Clegg’ to go late night, possibly on Babestation


Nick Clegg’s radio phone-in programme ‘Call Clegg’ on LBC is to go ‘late night’ before the general election the Lib Dem leader announced. Babestation are favourite to host the show.

“I’ve not watched Babestation but it can’t be that different,” Clegg explained. “From my understanding I just need to speak to callers on a phone whilst on a webcam.

“I’ve been warned that occasionally I may be asked to make things go tits up but if I’m honest, that a speciality of mine.”

He went on to explain it was not just the chance to speak to a more late night electorate that appealed him.

“I find politicians can look a bit stuffy in a suit and tie but I have been assured by the station management that the dress code of the on-air talent is a bit more relaxed.

“It seems I have a lot of understanding with them as they are as keen as I am to make sure I come, not for the publicity but for the viewers.”

According to a spokesman for the deputy prime minister’s office a pilot of the show last month went ‘really well’, but Clegg may need to make some adjustments.

“It is normally his policies callers ask him to shove up his arse.”

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