Bill Roache not guilty : ‘Trial by Twitter’ credibility now in doubt


After yesterday’s announcement by Twitter it had made a loss of $645M, the micro-blogging site’s share price and ‘trial by twitter’ credibility took another hit today when Coronation Street actor Bill Roache was found not guilty of historical sexual assault charges.

“It turns out that sometimes our policy of users finding someone guilty without any facts isn’t as full proof as we thought,” Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo told us.

“Normally, with the likes of Sally Bercow on our Jury of millions, we can call someone guilty before they have even been arrested, replacing the traditional ‘innocent until proven guilty’ judicial system with a ‘throw enough shit and it might stick’ technique.

“Seeing as Mr Roache had been arrested and even charged, that’s enough proof to be found completely guilty by a jury of keyboard warriors in a twitter court.

“Despite not knowing all of the facts or seeing any of the evidence, we will see if we can appeal the ‘real’ Jury’s decision.

“After all, hundreds of thousands of users with no legal training, possessing no knowledge and armed with only 140 characters and a hashtag can’t really be wrong, can they?”.

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