World mourns Ariel Sharon/does no such thing


Ariel Sharon: pictured here during his young Boris Becker phase.

Ariel Sharon former Prime Minister of Israel died yesterday aged 85. He was one of the last of the generation that fought in the 1948 Palestine War which led to Britain realising it was in over its head as well as broke and buggering off/the creation of the State of Israel.

Though only twenty at the time Sharon was a gifted soldier/reckless prick who rose through the ranks of the newly formed Israeli army and by 1953 was commanding Unit 101 an elite squad that slaughtered women and children/fought bravely to eradicate Palestinian terrorists.

He went on to lead troops in both the Six-Day and Yom Kippur wars earning pluaidts for his strategic and military genius/condemnation for unnecessary brutality. He left the army in 1973 and entered politics proving himself to be a right-wing nutcase/man of uncompromising ideology.

By 1982 Sharon was Israel’s defence minister and ordered the invasion of Lebanon to push back the PLO. Thousands of Palestinians ended up in refugee camps which were attacked when Sharon allowed the PLO’s enemies to enter the camps to rid them of PLO extremists/go on a killing spree. Accused of being a murderer/praised as someone with the balls to see a task through to the end Sharon’s political star faded for some years though he did play a key role in the 1993 Oslo Peace Process by pissing all over it/standing up for Israel’s rights.

In 2001 he became Prime Minister of Israel heralding a new optimistic age/giving rise to the second Palestinian intifada and would stay in office until being felled by a stroke in 2006 which would see him living out the rest of his life in a persistent vegetative state.

His death has seen politicians across the globe carefully chose their words so they don’t get caught up in a shit storm/pay fulsome tribute to a dominant figure of the post-war age. Apart from the United States whose praise for Sharon showed them to be a true friend of a beleaguered country/right up Israel’s bottom.

Ariel Sharon, soldier and politician, was born 26th February 1928 and died on 11th January 2014. He will be/won’t be missed.

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