World’s greatest minds baffled by perfume ad

Maybe it smells of burning feathers

Maybe it smells of burning feathers

Some of the world’s brightest minds have failed in an attempt to find any meaning in a TV perfume advert, or make any kind of logical connection between the events happening on screen and the product being advertised.

The advert, for a new fragrance from Jean-Paul Gaultier called ‘J’, sees a scantily clad woman get out of bed and walk over to an open window, then turn into a bird and fly out of it before bursting into flames. The camera then pans out to reveal that that the flame is a reflection in the eye of a moody-looking man sat on a motorbike wearing a leather jacket, heavy stubble and several kilos of hair gel.

“If I could shrug my shoulders I would. I literally have no clue what is supposed to be going on.” said Stephen Hawking, who was part of the team tasked with working out what was happening, “We tried and tried to find some kind of link between combustible birds and mass produced fragrances, but have drawn a complete blank.”

Stephen Fry and Brian Cox were also part of the investigative team, but were left equally baffled after weeks of painstaking investigation, with Cox only able to suggest “Maybe it’s made from roasted pigeons or something, and the man on the bike is a bird lover so isn’t happy? That’s the best I can do I’m afraid”.

With the investigation drawing a blank, the company who produced the fragrance were called upon to offer an explanation.

“It’s bold, exciting, daring and unpredictable. It harnesses the inner energy and projects that outwards creating the kind of confidence that you could previously only dream of.” explained the creative director for the advert, “Hold on, you’re talking about the perfume? Sorry, got a bit confused for a second there. No, I don’t know what that’s about either, I must have been high because I don’t even remember making it.”

“It’s probably some kind of metaphor”

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