Parents start saving as Clegg promises ‘free’ school meals


With Nick Clegg’s announcement that school meals will be free for children between the ages of 5 and 7, parents are bracing themselves for a £900 per term ‘nutrition fee’.

“We are used to the Lib Dems promising things for free for students,” one parent told us, “and because of his previous promises we are starting to save now for when he dramatically increases the cost of free school meals.”

Nick Clegg has moved to reassure parents that when he says free he means free.

“No child will have to pay for the cost of a school meal upfront” Mr Clegg told reporters. “You can’t get any more ‘free’ than that.”

“However we will expect them to start paying for the school meals when they start earning over £21,000 a year”

He went on to apologise if he led people to believe that he meant children would never have to pay for the food they consumed adding ‘one day they’ll make a song out of this.’

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