Sonning Bridge post box to be converted into flats


Chance to buy recently spoiled piece of history

A post box that appeared on a bridge across the Thames has been sold off to developers for £650k. With river views, a traditional design and easy access to the road just above it, the post box conversion is already the subject of a bidding war.

“When we first saw that there was a piece of social history in Sonning that hadn’t been despoiled yet, we just had to get our cheque book out”, exclaimed builder Jeremy Castle.

“It’s just the sort of impractical, showy design that a twat from London will pay big money for”, explained Castle. “There’s even plenty of space to park a Range Rover, if you gain access through the sunroof and remember to never open the doors.”

Sonning’s post office has long gone, having been converted into 24 affordable starter cluster homes at the peak of the market in 2007. Once the hub of the community and located centrally in the village, the post office made the perfect home for junior city traders to move to and then complain the cows ‘smell funny’.

The latest semi-attached property will be sold at auction later this week: it’s expected to do well, just like most things made of brick that were once visited by postmen.

Prospective owners should be aware that the reserve is set at around 1.2 million: coincidentally about the same number of postal workers that are expected to lose their jobs once the service is privatised.

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