Family to release holiday video ‘straight to Netflix’


With modern technology changing our viewing habits, the Jeffery family from Harold have made the decision to release this year’s holiday video straight to Netflix.

“Over the years, people are showing less and less interest in viewing the ‘Jeffery Family Holiday’ video at the scheduled broadcast time” Ms Jeffery explained.

“At first I thought they were trying to send us a hint that maybe they weren’t that interested, but after a bit of research I found out most people like to view things on demand now. That explains why nobody turned up last year, or the year before that.”

Netflix is changing the way people watch television, and has even started releasing web-only tv series and making every episode available at the same time. However, Ms Jefferies believe this may be a step to far, and has promised to release future family titles as soon as they are available.

“I could wait until the end of the year so that we have filmed New Year’s Day; Ben, Alice’s and my birthdays; an exclusive behind the scenes documentary of the dog’s spaying; as well as holidays, weddings and funerals” Ms Jeffery continued, “but I think our friends and family will want to see them as soon as they can.”

The holiday video has been online for 3 weeks now, and Ms Jeffery is confident her idea has been very successful. “I have spoken to all of my close friends and family, and they have all told me how much they enjoyed our production and are looking forward to streaming the next one.

“I do have to take issue with Netflix though. According to their ‘stats’ my video has received 0 views. Pft, modern technology hey.”

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