Mechanics ‘delighted’ with new Travelodge recommendation


Following years of being ranked by mechanics from The AA and RAC, hotel group Travelodge have decided to start ranking Motor Garages. A maximum of 5 stars can be achieved as mechanics are judged on their customer service, ability to resist sighing during an examination, and the inappropriate positioning of a Page 3 calendar.

Bob Johnson, Owner of Johnson and Sons garage told us of his delight at the ‘Travelodge recommended’ sign proudly displayed outside his business. “This shows the public that we are moving away from the stereotypes that plague us. The bird that came to judge us was very kind, as well as fit, and was more than happy to pay for the new radiator she didn’t need.”

When asked why he had 6 stars on his sign, one more than the maximum achievable, he told us “we were awarded 5 stars plus VAT”

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