A ‘Divine’ New Look



Hello my darling Haroldites!!

Now, I know you’re all used to Pippa popping up on a Monday to brighten your post-weekend blues, and that a Thursday offering may just discombobulate you all, but I have some wonderful, wonderful news to share with you all.

Some of you may recall that just the other week, I gave an interview to one of my fellow Evening Harold reporters following the release of Dan Brown’s book about the divine Dante and the installation in Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! of a fabulous red cup, which we hope, will bring famous men to the village to look at.

Well, as a result of that I decided that a little bit of a remodel and makeover of Veggie! Veggie! Veggie! would be rather fitting, and hopefully create some intellectual stimulus for our patrons.

It may have come to your attention while you’ve been blatantly avoiding walking past visiting my lovely little café that some subtle changes have been gradually taking place, and that Dom, Melanie and myself have been working hard into the night after we close to customers.  (Simon did offer to help with the painting, but as talented as darling Simon is, I don’t think his particular artistry is entirely appropriate.)

floor copy


Well, tomorrow all will be unveiled in our little café, but for now I’ll give you just a little sneak peek!

(I do so hope the Rev. Tansy doesn’t disapprove of yet another sodding thing!)

Pippa X 


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