Terence Stamp returns for Bank Holiday Hide-and-Seek

Coming. Ready or not.

Coming. Ready or not.

Harold Village Council are pleased to welcome back Terence Stamp as the celebrity hider in the annual Bank Holiday hide-and-seek game, marking the fifth time that the star of Superman II has graced the bushes, alleys and gaps under cars of Harold.

This year, Stamp, who played General Zod in the first two ‘Man of Steel’ franchise films, has agreed to donate his three-figure appearance fee to the village hall fund supporting victims of the stomach-churning events of 29/9.

“When I heard that the phone booth where I hid for part of the 2010 hide-and-seek game had been destroyed in the 29/9 attrocities, I knew that this year I had to do something special.”

But Stamp remained coy on whether he would be using the new phone box, only recently reopened by Evening Harold columnist Brenda Ferguson, as one of his hide-outs during this year’s game.

“I don’t want to give too much away. In Superman II, everyone knew I was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, but the beauty of Harold hide-and-seek is that nobody knows where I’ll be – sometimes even I’m not sure where I am!”

This years event begins at 9 o’clock in the village hall with the traditional count to 100, as Sir Terence dashes hell-for-leather out into the streets of Harold.

One Harold resident who knows a thing or two about finding Terence Stamp is octogenarian Ruby Butler, who will be keen to add to her two “findings” from previous years, and scoop a third pair of gold-plated scissors, kindly donated yet again by the owners of High Street scissor shop, Cuts Both Ways.

Competition could be tough, however, as the thespian famous for his “kneel before Zod!” catchphrase hinted he had something new up his his sleeve this year. “Let’s just say you might need Superman’s X-ray vision to find me this time.”

That probably means he’ll be hiding in the hospital.

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