Burglar rejects judge’s plan to send him to prison.

burglar copyA Harold man who was sentenced to 6 years in prison after being found guilty of 18 counts of burglary has rejected the judge’s plan and suggested an alternative proposal “in the spirit of the judge’s recommendation” that doesn’t involve him going to prison.

Paul David broke into houses in Harold and Felching over a period of three months and stole thousands of pounds worth of valuables, but he insists that prison is not the answer as it could set a dangerous precedent in restricting his freedom.

“What I am proposing instead is an independent regulatory body, made up mostly of members of my family, with the power to review any incidents they feel are inappropriate and make recommendations as to my future conduct.” said Mr David,

“There would be at least one person representing the interests of the victims on the panel, but I would have the power to veto any appointments who I feel might make suggestions I don’t like.”

Paul insists that, although the panel would have no actual power to restrict or punish his criminal activities, he would definitely think long and hard about anything they suggested before completely ignoring it and mugging an old lady or stealing a car.

“It’s not just about the panel though,” continued Paul, “I will also be keeping a close eye on my future behaviour and if I catch myself breaking into anybody’s house I will definitely have a strong word with myself afterwards. And feel thoroughly ashamed of myself as I sell their stuff.”

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