Protesters celebrate jailing of TV licence offender


Group described crime as ‘sickening’

A local woman who persistently failed to set up the direct debit for her TV licence has finally been jailed for two months.

Campaigners against 83 year-old June Hammond celebrated long into the night, as they received news of her sentence from the courts.

“This validates our sustained, 2 year-long campaign against this monster”, claimed daughter Sarah Hammond. “Finally, it feels like justice has been done.”

Although pleased that her mother is finally being punished for her crimes, Sarah suggested the sentence had been ‘laughably lenient’.

“With good behaviour or a repeat performance of her little ‘I’m having a stroke’ pantomime, she could be out in just four short weeks”, Sarah said.

“And yet if we’d forged a consent form for her dream trip to Dignitas, we could have faced up to three years at her Majesty’s pleasure ourselves. Tell me, where’s the justice in that?”

Despite the disgraceful leniency of the Dunstable magistrate’s court, Sarah is looking forward to her first good night’s sleep in months.

“Four weeks isn’t long, but it’s just enough time to change the locks on her bungalow”, beamed Sarah, “and sort out all those ‘power of attorney’ applications.”

Sarah plans to spend the next few minutes driving at speed to her mother’s house, where the man from Sky is due to install a dish and a digibox.

“ It might seem arrogant to have booked him so far ahead of the trial”, Sarah told us by mobile as she swerved her way round the ring road. “But Mike and I have every confidence in the British legal system.”

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