Fears grow for tragic PM unable to say anything other than meaningless three word phrases

Don’t you think she looks tired?

Concerned well-wishers are gathering outside the gates of Downing Street this morning as the Prime Minister continues to sound off like a senile Furby.

The description of the proposed deal with the DUP as one of “confidence and supply” was the final straw for Theresa May fans who’d managed to convince themselves that everything was alright through “citizens of nowhere”, “just about managing”, Brexit means Brexit”, “coalition of chaos”, “strong and stable” and “magic money tree”.

“It’s extremely worrying,” said a supporter wearing a Exchange gay rights for May rights t-shirt. “I love the Prime Minister but maybe the Brexit negotiations shouldn’t be in the hands of someone who is to verbal fluency what Boris Johnson is to integrity.”

“Or maybe it will be okay,” they mused. “After all what else do the UK delegation need to say apart from “yes, Chancellor Merkel”?


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