‘Who’ll put up the bunting’ asks town?

by Mik Bulk – wishing all his readers a Christmas

journalist A town is wondering who’ll put up the town’s bunting, since the one whose job it is has become ill.

The nuclear reactor near Harold has enjoyed the bunting services of council employee Ted Greeth for many years.

And now he’s unwell – certainly too unwell to do his job.

Mr Greef, it is believed, has malaria, it is thought.  But who’ll put up the bunting, many have asked?

According to Harold Council, it’s not sure, as the skills-based vocation is not for anyone or the feint of hearted.

But some fun remains. “Perhaps someone will come forward,” Councillor Ian Bellende laughed in a text message between us. (“lol”)

But serious notes abound. The council’s reactor core needs to be dressed (in bunting) ready for its sixth birthday celebrations – which also coincide on the same day with the Mayor’s annual address.

The council has laughed off suggestions that its nuclear programme will be used for weapons.

But anyway, Mr Greeth’s widow Mary suggested that the bunter might be back on his feet not before long.

Though he is poorly, she admitted, he has still been active around the house and not “lazing around like many on benefits”.

It is not known if the Greefs use benefits.

But the council is yet to comment. In a press release, the council said: “Mr Greef’s ailment saddens us all. We wish him all the best and hope he’ll make a speedy recovery. Get better soon, Alan.”

Meanwhile, the question remains in this dark winter town: when will the job get done, and by whom?

Some things are best drawn a veil over things.

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